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Morocco warns Europe of ISIS chemical attacks

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Marrakesh, Morocco. (Source: Manuel ROMARÍS/flickr)

Marrakesh, Morocco. (Source: Manuel ROMARÍS/flickr)

One of Morocco’s top intelligence officials warned on Saturday that ISIS is planning terrorist attacks with chemical weapons on Europe. Abdelhak Khiame, head of Moroccan counter-terrorism, revealed that in February the country foiled an ISIS plot to use chemical and biological weapons as well as a suicide bomber on four Moroccan cities. It would have been a dry run for a more devastating Europe attack, had the Moroccan security services not thwarted it a mere 24 hours in advance.

In the wake of the Tunisia, Paris, and Brussels attacks, this warning should be taken extremely seriously. Moroccan intelligence believes that the ten-member ISIS cell they smashed in February was creating mustard gas, and even more alarming, the deadly neurotoxin Epsilon. (The latter causes brain tissue and nerve damage, and can be used to contaminate food, water, or even air if used as a spray.)

The group’s desire to kill and spread terror is beyond question, but just as alarming is the apparent ease with…

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