By the Blouin News World staff

Colombia, FARC request U.N. observers

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The Colombian government and the left-wing Farc rebel movement have both asked the U.N. for a mission to oversee the end of their decades-long conflict.

The BBC reports:

Negotiators for the two sides at peace talks in Cuba said they would ask the U.N. to send a 12-month mission to oversee any ceasefire. The U.N. has yet to agree to the proposal. The two sides have been holding peace talks for three years. Both sides say they hope to reach a final peace deal by March 2016. The BBC’s Colombia correspondent Natalio Cosoy says the mechanism would only start to work once a final deal is agreed. However both sides have insisted the announcement is more than a mere formality, suggesting it should be read as a signal that a definite deal is close, the correspondent adds.