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Message from Louise Blouin

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Louise Blouin, Founder and CEO, Louise Blouin Media

Louise Blouin, Founder and CEO, Louise Blouin Media

The deadly attacks on Paris on Friday, November 13 shocked the world and left Parisians, the French, and international observers reeling. Here, Louise Blouin, CEO and founder of Louise Blouin Media, shares her immediate reaction to these events.

The slaughter of innocent people inspired by a perverse distortion of a religion’s teachings is never a worthy act; if anything, it is sacrilege. No religion encourages violence against a city’s innocent population, against a child.

What we must do now is work on co-existing despite our differences, and not impose our beliefs on others. Each person can believe in what they believe and no judgment should be made as long as human respect prevails. 

This is about respect for our common humanity, and respect for culture.