By the Blouin News World staff

Benghazi analysis continues

by in Middle East.

The dissection of what went wrong at the mission in Benghazi continues. An independent panel reviewing the tragedy that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, has determined that there were “systemic security failures.” Singled out for criticism were the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and the Bureau of Near East Affairs for criticism.

The report stated there appeared to be “a lack of cooperation and confusion” between the bureaus. However, the review also determined that “no individual officials ignored or violated their duties” and recommended no disciplinary action.

Be that as it may, this report will undoubtedly further inflame those who feel there was either a coverup by the Obama administration or that the administration is being used as a scapegoat for a tragic situation. The scuttling of Ambassador Susan Rice’s Secretary of State hopes can be traced back to her Benghazi and what has been viewed as “misleading statements” regarding the motivation for the attack. Many thought Benghazi would be the Achilles heel in President Obama’s reelection bid and a sour end to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

With this new report, expect the accusations, finger-wagging, and punditry to start up again in earnest.