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Brazil continues to clash with WhatsApp

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(Source: Jan Persiel/flickr)

(Source: Jan Persiel/flickr)

Brazil’s problems with WhatsApp continued this week, except now they directly involve the messaging app’s parent company, Facebook.

Brazilian news outlets report that a judge in Brazil’s southern Paraná state froze over $6 million in Facebook funds because WhatsApp has refused to turn over messages the government seeks in a drug case. The court claims that the frozen money amounts to the fines that WhatsApp owes the government for refusing to comply with the court orders to hand over data. Issued Thursday night, the freeze was placed on Facebook’s accounts as WhatsApp has no bank accounts in the country, according to Reuters.

The police say that the data sought from WhatsApp can prove links among people who have been captured in recent drug raids and their “confederates” in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Spain…

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