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Hillary Clinton releases plan for Silicon Valley

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(Source: Edgar Zuniga Jr./flickr)

(Source: Edgar Zuniga Jr./flickr)

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton unveiled her Initiative on Technology & Innovation this week, which outlined her plan for bolstering American tech markets, and (not unexpectedly) earned her both applause and criticism.

The fact sheet details Clinton’s five-pronged approach to tech: creating jobs and committing to computer science and STEM education, delivering high-speed broadband to all Americans, promoting high-tech exports, supporting innovation while safeguarding privacy, and making the “government smarter” with new technologies. Investing in STEM fields, diversifying the tech workforce, increasing capital for startups, loan deferment for entrepreneurs, and closing the digital divide are just a few of the points on the agenda — enough to make any techie salivate.

The plan echoes much of what President Obama has championed during his terms, i.e., building out infrastructure, supporting the FCC’s net neutrality measures, etc…

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