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Why is another company deviating from Android?

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(Source: clive darra/flickr)

(Source: clive darra/flickr)

In a bid to be less reliant on the all-powerful Google, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has begun working on developing a mobile operating system, according to The Information. While Huawei’s alternative OS isn’t even close to completion, nor bears any threat to Android, the company’s strategy represents another effort from a Google hardware partner to lessen its dependency on the Mountain View-based company.

Samsung is the other Android-running smartphone company that has publicly strayed from using Android only for its massive smartphone business. A few years ago, the company unveiled Tizen, an open-source operating system. And launched a small debut of the OS in early 2014. Built in collaboration with the Linux Foundation and Intel, Tizen was one of a few open source operating systems cropping up around the world (Firefox OS and Jolla were two others) that were the open source world’s answer to the monolith of Google…

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