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BlackBerry’s mobile struggles continue

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BlackBerry Priv. (Source: WEi WEi/flickr)

BlackBerry Priv. (Source: WEi WEi/flickr)

In a rare case of wireless carrier gossip, an executive at AT&T told CNET that BlackBerry’s latest device it had hoped would help it regain its footing in the mobile scene, is floundering.

The BlackBerry Priv was supposed to be a sort of last gasp for BlackBerry as its continuous failures to reignite sales of its handsets foretold of the company’s imminent decline. The Priv runs on Android, BlackBerry’s first shift to Google’s operating system, and launched late last year as the company attempted to combine its hardware prowess with Google’s software appeal.

Instead, BlackBerry only sold 600,000 phones in its fiscal fourth quarter — well below expectations of 850,000, and below the 700,000 it sold in the preceding quarter. And there were high numbers of returns on the devices…

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