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How will mobile ads fare in a world of ad-blocking?

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P111 Chinese Mobile Phone. (Source: John Karakatsanis/flickr)

P111 Chinese Mobile Phone. (Source: John Karakatsanis/flickr)

Mary Meeker has released her annual findings on where internet technologies are going, what their future could look like, and how they impact markets. The Kleiner Perkins partner’s famousInternet Trends report analyzes developing communications technologies, and this year’s findings revealed that, while U.S. internet advertisers are increasing their efforts, they are neglecting huge potential in mobile advertising.

Meeker’s report shows that U.S. internet advertising grew by 20% from 2014 to 2015; mobile ads grew 66% year over year; and desktop ads grew just 5%. Despite these figures, Meeker said that advertisers are neglecting mobile and remain overly committed to legacy media such as TV and radio…

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