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Will more ad-free days come to U.K. mobile users?

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Source: Hernán Piñera/flickr

Source: Hernán Piñera/flickr

Europe has increasingly looked to protect internet users from corporate abuse (mostly from U.S. tech giants), and governments’ prying eyes over the last couple of years. Regulators and the private sector alike were rattled enough after the Snowden leaks in 2013 to steadily launch legal initiatives against American tech companies, trying to ensure the privacy of European users as well as user choice when it comes to internet services. Large-scale rulings such as the “right to be forgotten” are going down in history, but this week a smaller trial by a U.K. mobile carrier could set the stage for the mobile web user experience.

Three UK, a mobile phone carrier, has revealed that it is going to test blocking all advertisements on its network for one day in June. The company has partnered with Shine, an Israeli ad-blocking company, and Three says that this next step is part of its plan to revolutionize the mobile advertising experience…

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