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Game brands race to register with .game

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(Source: R Pollard/flickr)

(Source: R Pollard/flickr)

Uniregistry, a domain name registry that manages some generic top-level domains (TLDs), unleashed an important domain name for the gaming community this week: “.game”. Video game brands have been snagging their .game domains right and left, and the TLD is now available to the public for developers to create websites for their games.

But aside from gaming giants such as Nintendo, EA, and Blizzard Entertainment, other companies including Apple have snagged,, and, according to PC Magazine. And Microsoft and Sony have registered and respectively.

The domains are going quickly; more general ones such as and have been taken as well.

This development ushers in the gaming community to the next generation of web addresses. For a few years now, the buzz around websites that end in anything but .com has generated controversy as large companies buy up huge volumes of TLDs because they have deeper pockets, and rumors about what company is developing certain technologies as per the domain names they have secured. Registries in multiple countries are wrestling with location-based domain names such as .nyc, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has dealt with its own drama as other governments see its authority over domain names as a symbol of the U.S.’s control of the global internet.

The gaming community will surely not be void of some domain name drama, but for now companies large and small are eagerly registering their new TLDs.