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U.S. joins Botswana cyber security conference

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WCIT 2012 - Botswana. (Source: ITU Pictures/flickr)

WCIT 2012 – Botswana. (Source: ITU Pictures/flickr)

This week the University of Botswana is hosting the First International Conference on the Internet, Cyber Security and Information Systems, held in Gaborone in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. On Tuesday, the United States’s State Department announced that it will attend and contribute. The conference is aimed at international collaboration to better understand how African countries, especially ones that have burgeoning internet economies, can secure themselves and participate in a global effort to strengthen cyber protection policies.

Some African countries — seen as the “last frontier” for internet development and technological advancement — are ripe for cyber hacking. Countries that do not have to overhaul their legacy infrastructure in order to establish systems such as 4G, for example, have that to their advantage, but they also leave vulnerabilities open for cyber criminals…

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