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Nest opens doors to OpenThread

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Tony Fadell, Founder & CEO, Nest Labs. (Source: OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS/flickr)

Tony Fadell, Founder & CEO, Nest Labs. (Source: OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS/flickr)

More private businesses seem to be jumping on the open-source internet-of-things bandwagon, with Nest Labs the latest to join the group of tech companies seeking to pave the way for developers exploring the connected home.

The company, owned by Google, released OpenThread on Tuesday — an open source implementation of the Thread networking protocol which is a protocol for the internet of things.

Thread is primarily targeted at enabling the development of the smart household, or devices in a connected home to communicate.

Nest Labs’ goal is to join the group of IoT collaborators in aiding the buildout of the internet of things, and to seek some sort of unifying platform for the connected home. Other major companies that are focused on creating a working, united platform for IoT have jumped on board with Nest including ATM and Qualcomm, although it is not too clear how IoT giants such as Qualcomm will be working with OpenThread given its other projects in IoT connectivity. The Thread Group itself has over 230 members.

Nest is initially distributing OpenThread through GitHub, and users will have access to sample code. The company and Thread Group see OpenThread as a way for developers to try to create communication possibilities for various devices within the home. The protocol’s open-source nature means that it is keeping the door open for devices not yet on the market, protocols not yet explored, to apply to the connected home.