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Which countries are hubs for self-driving cars?

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Google Self-Driving Car. (Source: smoothgroover22/flickr)

Google Self-Driving Car. (Source: smoothgroover22/flickr)

The worlds of automobiles and technology are colliding like never before, notably in the field of the self-driving car. But while it’s easy enough to name innovators in the tech and vehicle industries, their global locales matter as well.

In no particular order, Blouin News lists the top five countries that are leading the way for the future of the driverless car:

Japan: Many argue that automakers themselves — not technology companies like Google and Apple, which are now just expanding to self-driving cars — are the true pioneers of the self-driving car industry. A recent report from the Intellectual Property and Science division of Thomson Reuters details how Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp.’s patent portfolio boasts the most self-driving car patents while Google (though it leads patents among tech companies) sits at number 26.

Patent data is in Japan’s favor, with the country’s Denso Corp. third on the list of top numbers of self-driving car patents. Toyota has more than 1,400 patents on autonomous-driving vehicles, more than twice as many as any other company…

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