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The myth of cancer-causing cell waves lives on in India

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Cell tower. (Source: Carl Lender/flickr)

Cell tower. (Source: Carl Lender/flickr)

The claim that mobile towers issue cancer-causing air waves has been oft debunked by various scientists and medical experts. (Remember that at the beginning of the mobile era, rumors abounded about the potential cancer-causing waves emitted from cellular phone towers.) In India, however, the rumor lives on, to the extent that the Indian government was compelled to deny the claims rising as the country builds out its mobile industry. According to local media, on Thursday, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated out in the Lok Sabha (India’s lower house of parliament) that the belief that mobile cell waves cause cancer has been debunked by science for years, and that experts from various countries as well as the World Health Organization have routinely asserted that mobile towers pose no risk to human or other life.

The Tribune quotes Prasad: “World over there is no impact. But I want to ask why are such issues raised in India alone? No one has raised such issues in the US, the UK, China or Korea where mobile towers are installed in large numbers.”…

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