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Can Intel inch beyond PCs?

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(Source: Alice Bevan–McGregor/flickr)

(Source: Alice Bevan–McGregor/flickr)

On Tuesday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich published a blog expanding upon Intel’s strategies for transforming the company from a PC company to a cloud and internet-of-things entity. His statements look to be the latest in a long string of promises Intel has made as it has struggled to emerge from the PC doldrums for the better part of the last decade.

The company took one of its most famous falls when the PC market slumped severely around 2007/2008. It doesn’t help that 2015 was another lackluster year for PCs, with sales falling significantly from 2014. Intel, once king of that market, has been looking at all manner of other tech to keep afloat. From mobile to big data to cloud computing, Intel has periodically shuttered certain projects in favor of others that seem to be in the hot spot. But Krzanich’s statements about the changes Intel is looking toward now indicate that cloud is a primary focus.

He wrote that “the cloud is the most important trend shaping the future of the smart, connected world – and thus Intel’s future.” And all of the following other investments the company can make are linked to the cloud. The internet of things, 5G, and the data center are “bound together by connectivity and enhanced by the economics of Moore’s Law,” according to Krzanich.

In light of Intel announcing last week that it is planning to lay off 11% of its workforce as it restructures, this information at least sheds some light on why those 12,000 jobs are no longer needed. Intel has been painfully bleeding out as a result of the PC decline. Can cloud and IoT carry it through the next few years? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.