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Obama pushes for set-top box disruption

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Virgin TV set top box buttons. (Source: David Precious/flickr)

Virgin TV set top box buttons. (Source: David Precious/flickr)

As if the Obama administration could infuriate the cable industry any further, President Obama announced his support on Friday for a proposal to open the market for cable set-top boxes. His call for increasing competition in the set-top box industry echoes what many consumers have complained about for years: that the cable box industry is rigged against the consumer.

Obama’s comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to loosen the chokehold corporate cable giants have on the set-top box industry is an unusual personal endorsement. As the New York Times points out, it is uncommon for Obama to personally weigh in on a proposal like this at the F.C.C. It signals his earnestness to disrupt the eon-old corporate structure that has ruled the cable industry in the U.S. since cable TV was invented…

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