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Businesses are slowly onboarding big data

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(Source: Vodafone Institute/flickr)

(Source: Vodafone Institute/flickr)

This week, big wigs in big data gather in San Jose, California to celebrate #BigDataWeek, and to talk all manner of progress in the big data world. Various sessions bring together the tech community to explore what leaders in big data have developed over the last year, what developments will influence the next year’s work, and to examine some of the obstacles still facing adoption and advancement of big data.

One of the questions is: is all the investment in big data turning a profit? As Randy Bean, CEO of consultancy NewVantage Partners wrote in Forbes on a recent survey of executives about their companies’ big data strategies: “…nearly two-thirds of participating executives indicate that a Big Data initiative is in production at their firms. Yet, many of these investments have yet to produce tangible business results and benefits.”…

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