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India sets sights on electric car industry

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Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle. (Source: Yusuke Kawasaki/flickr)

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle. (Source: Yusuke Kawasaki/flickr)

As one of the world’s most rapidly developing economies, India has unique openings to jump on board with certain technologies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly made it clear that he wants to transform India into a premier, high-contributing technological market — something he has been criticized for given that India still struggles with connectivity and basic access in many regions. But along with efforts to create profitable mobile industries, build out communications tech, and other data center-based developments, India’s officials are looking at some green sectors as well. Last week, Power Minister Piyush Goyal said that India has the potential to become the first country of its size that runs 100% on electric vehicles, stating that it is the government’s goal to do so by 2030.

The Economic Times quotes Goyal: “India can become the first country of its size which will run 100 per cent of electric vehicles. We are trying to make this programme self financing…We don’t need one rupee support from the government. We don’t need one rupee investment from the people of India.”…

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