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Is smartphone saturation hurting semiconductors?

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64kbit EPROM National Semiconductor NMC27C64. (Source: yellowcloud/flickr)

64kbit EPROM National Semiconductor NMC27C64. (Source: yellowcloud/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny

Market researchers don’t have great things to say about the coming year for the semiconductor industry. Semico Research, for example, recently released findings from its Inflection Point Indicator that show the 2016 sales of semiconductors will go negative (more so than previously thought).

Semico notes that growth rates have slowed over the last few years because the end markets for products like tablets, notebooks and smartphones have matured. While average selling prices (ASPs) in January rose 4%, they were still historically low, and Semico’s president Jim Feldhan stated that the prices look similar to those of the market as it was recovering from the 2008 recession:

“In the past 8 months, the industry has seen ASPs in the $0.41 range 5 times. One has to go back to May 2009 to find a lower price, and 2009 was not a good year!”…

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