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FEATURE: Transitioning to IPv6

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Source: timlewisnm/flickr

Source: timlewisnm/flickr

IPv6 is here. This internet protocol is the next generation after IPv4, which currently supports the most recently created IP addresses (think billions), and which has guided the internet through the explosive streaming video generation, among other web-based phenomena. (The “IPv5” label had already been used to describe a different, experimental protocol, so it was skipped over for clarity.)

Over the last several years, analysts have emphasized that the enterprise world, IT organizations, and businesses that run internet-facing services need to consider migration to IPv6 as necessary rather than optional. That remains true. ISPs in particular, were aware of the need to migrate well before conventional businesses. We, as web users, could all stand to understand why the transition to the next generation of internet is changing the landscape of the web as we know it. Below, Blouin News breaks down this complex issue:

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