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Telegram vs. WhatsApp?

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Source: David Santaolalla/flickr

Source: David Santaolalla/flickr

On Tuesday, the CEO of Telegram, an encrypted messaging service, told the audience at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that the mobile messaging app had surpassed 100 million monthly active users — a 60% increase in 9 months. Pavel Durov, Telegram founder and CEO, said that the company is sending 15 billion messages a day.

While other messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook have long surpassed those figures (1 billion monthly active users for the former, and Facebook closely behind), the trajectory of Telegram’s growth is noteworthy. Remember that the messaging service earned notoriety following deadly attacks on Paris last November when reports pointed out that the app’s encryption technology likely became a tool for terrorists to spread propaganda.

Telegram’s user base rose alongside this spike in attention. Clearly, the lure of encrypted messages is more enticing than ever to users around the world, particularly in an age in which governments gaining access to user data is constant front-page news…

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