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A closer look: legal effects of Apple/F.B.I. conflict

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Source: ann-dabney/flickr

Source: ann-dabney/flickr

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Looking back, it’s inarguable that technology has changed the way governments, companies, and consumers approach human rights. For example, it was unthinkable a decade ago that access to the internet would be considered a human right by many, and that some of the world’s largest tech players would be trying to disseminate it for free around the globe. Now, Apple is maintaining that privacy itself is a human right, and no authority can come between the company, its encrypted software, and the privacy of the user…

…Speaking to Blouin News, Mark Grossman, a nationally-recognized technology law expert and author, said that the legal implication for technology companies, should the F.B.I. be successful in forcing Apple to unlock Farook’s phone, is a “potential Supreme Court case requiring a tech company to build software for the government to defeat the tech company’s own security.” Indeed, this is likely to go to the Supreme Court…