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Project Loon’s next phase: carrier testing

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Source: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine/flickr

Source: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine/flickr

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has said it has conducted initial tests of Project Loon over Sri Lanka in one of the most innovative attempts to deliver internet access on Earth right now.

As reviewed on Blouin News, Project Loon is the company’s initiative aimed at delivering high-speed internet using balloons. The project launched in 2012, and has slowly piqued interest around the world as it tests balloons. Working with telcos is the next chapter for Project Loon as its leaders look to partner with carriers and telcos in order to be functional in certain airspace, even as it continues to test different types of balloons and the technology needed to make wind-propelled, internet-carrying balloons a reality. The Wall Street Journal reports that the first of three balloons of a trial over Sri Lanka entered the country’s airspace on Monday, having launched initially in South America.

Head of Alphabet’s X branch Astro Teller wrote in a blog post on the company’s progress:…

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