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Botmasters, rogue actors, and more: Jody Westby talks cybercrime

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Little wonder that the subject of cyber warfare gets a lot of press. The past year alone has seen a wave of cyber offensives, purportedly launched by China, Russia, or independent hacking groups, to name a few. Analysts increasingly cite the possibility of the terrorist group ISIS conducting a cyber attack on the United States. A government report released this July warns that a large cyber attack on the U.S. electric grid has the potential to cause more than $1 trillion in damages.

Government and enterprise alike are steeling themselves for future attacks, but it may be with the wrong tactics. According to Jody Westby, the CEO and founder of Global Cyber Risk, a combination of inadequate funding, an outdated legal network, and a very sophisticated criminal community means that the “bad guys are winning” — for now, at least.

Westby sat down with Blouin News to discuss, or, rather explain – the CEO has twenty years of technical, legal, policy, and business experience, which lend themselves to an invaluable perspective on combating cybercrime – the menace posed by state-sponsored cyber terrorism, and where we should be directing our efforts.