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NYCFC will be MLS version of Manchester City

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New York City Football Club may resemble Manchester City of the premier league. Michael Regan/Getty Images

New York City Football Club may resemble Manchester City of the premier league. Michael Regan/Getty Images

Right down to the roster makeup and the kit colors, New York City Football Club will be the Manchester City of Major League Soccer. Whether or not they’re able to dominate in MLS is unknown, but with ManCity and the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball financially backing the club, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did.

On Wednesday, NYCFC head coach Jason Kreis told Manchester City’s website that NYCFC would be permitted to bring on four players on loan from the EPL club. The players, who would likely come from the current U-18 or U-21 clubs or from among those currently on loan with the club, would get a chance to shine in New York City. “We will have the ability to take four players on loan from the club here, so I’m looking a lot at the younger players, and the U-18s and the U-21s at the moment,” said coach Kreis. “And also the players that are out on loan,” he continued.

Not only will NYCFC have several ManCity players. They may well adopt the same playing style as the English club. Kreis has been in England shadowing the team’s every move. It is expected that he will bring the same fast-paced offense that Manuel Pellegrini has entrenched in City’s dominating style of play this year, which has led the club to a league-leading 68 goals. “We have a very big interest in bringing some City players over to join us in New York and I certainly think there’s the talent there. And the ambition is there as well, so we’ll have to get with those guys over the next six months to a year and see whether or not that’s something they would like as well.”

NYCFC will partially fill out their roster through the expansion draft and the 2015 SuperDraft where they would pick up the best U.S. college players. Unlike MLS’s other 2015 expansion club, Orlando City, who aren’t as financially bolstered, NYCFC will not be drawing from these pools exclusively — especially considering they’re expecting to field a winning team in their inaugural season.

“Our job is to win games. Here it will be about finding the best player that’s the best person that’s the right fit for our group,” said Kreis. “It won’t matter whether he’s from America or Zimbabwe.” In this case, it looks like many of the players will come directly from Manchester. And with the uniforms they don so similar to those of the premier league club, viewers may find themselves confused as to which league they’re watching in 2015 — or at least it seems that that is what these two clubs are hoping.