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Can Netanyahu boost Israel’s ties with Africa?

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(Source: Izhar Laufer/flickr)

(Source: Izhar Laufer/flickr)

Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu is already seeing some positive results from his historic state visit to four countries in sub-Saharan Africa, seeking to improve ties. At a joint press conference on Tuesday in Nairobi, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said “It would be foolhardy” for Kenya and Africa not to engage with Israel when its Arab neighbors do.

Indeed, as Netanyahu stated on the flight over, one of Netanyahu’s long-term goals is to break the “automatic majority” against Israel in the U.N. by improving ties with African nations and thus enticing them to not support Arab resolutions condemning Israel. “It might take a decade,” he said, noting that this trip “will be seen as a turning point in Israel’s ability to reach a broad number of African countries…

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