By the Blouin News Politics staff

Will Zimbabwe’s expropriated white farmers get any compensation?

by in Africa.

(Source: Swathi Sridharan/flickr)

(Source: Swathi Sridharan/flickr)

Zimbabwe could be facing a $30 billion bill to compensate white farmers whose land was expropriated and redistributed starting in 2000, local media reported on Thursday. This staggering amount — triple the country’s GDP — is far more than the $10 billion of earlier estimates and the very conservative $2-4 billion that the government had projected.

There’s no way that cash-strapped Zimbabwe, whose shrinking economy won’t turn around anytime soon, could afford such a bill, even over a long pay-out time. In terms of credit, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said on Thursday, “Right now we literally have nothing, so to speak…

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