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France to set up de-radicalization centers nationwide

by in Europe.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. (Source: Parti socialiste/flickr)

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. (Source: Parti socialiste/flickr)

France announced on Monday that it will set up a dozen de-radicalization centers across the country to identify potential extremists and prevent them from joining jihadist groups. These “reinsertion and citizenship centres” in each region of the country are part of a two year, $45.5 million plan to combat home-grown terrorism.

France was traumatized a series of terrorist attacks in and around Paris by Islamist gunmen last January and November, which killed 147 people. Most of the perpetrators were French citizens, who had become radicalized before doing what around 2,000 other French residents have done: travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS. And the homegrown threat is far from contained– the French government estimates there are more than 9,000 radicalized people or would-be jihadists in its midst.

According to the Guardian, the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalisation will oversee the new program…

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