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ISIS vexes all with Sinai insurgency

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Sinai, Egypt. (Source: Henri Laupmaa/flickr)

Sinai, Egypt. (Source: Henri Laupmaa/flickr)

The ISIS insurgency in Sinai continues to bedevil Egypt and keep the region locked in uncertainty. A bipartisan U.S. Congressional delegation visited hundreds of American soldiers (part of long-standing international peacekeeping forces) at their camp in North Sinai on Thursday, with Senator Michael McCaul calling for a greater U.S. role to eliminate, not just contain, ISIS. This was just one day after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi decreed that the state of emergency in North Sinai be extended another 3 months, with anyone out during extensive curfew hours to be arrested.

Blouin News detailed the effects of the Sinai insurgency on Egyptian politics in January (at the five year anniversary of Mubarak’s overthrow), and the continued death toll of soldiers and policemen there make a mockery of Cairo’s claim to be winning. Despite the Egyptian military’s efforts, the threat of the ISIS branch is so potent that it is changing the geopolitical status quo in the region.

The cooperation between Egypt and Israel over their shared concerns about both ISIS and Hamas is…

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