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Sinking Jakarta to wall off rising seas, reclaim land

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A flood in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Source: Charles Wiriawan/flickr)

A flood in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Source: Charles Wiriawan/flickr)

It’s back to the drawing board for Jakarta’s planned “Giant Sea Wall.” The northern coastal part of the Indonesian capital is sinking while the sea level rises from climate change, so a mitigation scheme is vital. On Wednesday Indonesian president Joko Widodo ordered that one component of the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) program, the creation of 17 artificial islands, be re-planned.

While contracts to 9 private developers had already been awarded by Jakarta authorities, the patchy legal framework for the unprecedented project was insufficient. After the country’s parliament found seven violations, the land-reclamation scheme was put on a six month moratorium while further investigations took place and appropriate regulations could be issued…

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