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Will Mexico grow its own ethanol industry?

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Sugarcane. (Source: Matt Jacoby/flickr)

Sugarcane. (Source: Matt Jacoby/flickr)

A delegation of U.S. ethanol industry leaders wraps up its two-day visit to Mexico on Wednesday. “Our goal is to partner with Mexico to support the establishment of an economically viable ethanol industry there, where Mexican domestic production can be supplemented with imported product from the United States,” said Acting Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse. He added that higher ethanol use would be “an inexpensive source of renewable energy that improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulates the rural economy.”

In less than a decade, Mexico has acquired the taste for ethanol — despite very little domestic production. In 2006/2007, the country bought just 1.8 million gallons from the U.S., while in 2014/2015 it bought over 33.4 million gallons. That is still a far cry from the annual U.S. blending of 14 billion gallons of domestically…

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