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Ag tech expo in North Carolina shows breakthroughs

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(Source: Tom/flickr)

(Source: Tom/flickr)

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center will host the Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase 2016on Wednesday. 12 agricultural biotech companies from North Carolina, seven other states, and even Portugal will share their innovative breakthrough technologies for crop and animal health advancements. For instance, by using microbials, they can improve crop health, yield, and profitability, without the need for genetic modification.

Two demonstrative examples include:

BENANOVA (North Carolina)
BENANOVA’s organic nanoparticles serve as carriers to better deliver bioactive agents. Today’s pest control treatments are not living up to their potential due to failure of effective delivery systems. These “Environmentally-benign Nanoparticles” (EbNPs) are loaded with actives and adhere to and better penetrate plant surfaces, resulting in 10 to 100 times higher bioactivity…

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