By the Blouin News Business staff

Dubai to build itself into world’s 3D printing hub

by in Middle East.

A 3D printer. (Source: #tom #malavoda/flickr)

A 3D printer. (Source: #tom #malavoda/flickr)

Dubai is aiming to become the center of global 3D printing technology by 2030. On Monday, the state investment fund launched the International Centre for 3D Printing, which will house both design facilities and factories, in collaboration with the private sector and academia. It will have the capacity to host 700 local and international companies, along with all the labs, storage, and other infrastructure needed. With the global market for 3D printing expected to reach $120 billion by 2020 and about $300 billion by 2025, this investment — if successful — could pay off big time.

The three sectors of Dubai’s 3D printing strategy are construction, medical products, and consumer products (while its five main “pillars” are Infrastructure, Legislative Structure, Funding, Talent and Market Demand). The government has set a target for 25% of Dubai’s buildings to be 3D printed by 2030. Experts estimate that using such technology can reduce the construction time of buildings by 50-70%, decrease labor costs by up to 80%…

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