By the Blouin News Business staff

Uber returns to Spain, new and improved

by in Europe.

Uber's iOS app. (Source: Testing freeSetup/flickr)

Uber’s iOS app. (Source: Testing freeSetup/flickr)

[dropcapU[/dropcap]ber returned to Spain on Wednesday after being kicked out by judicial order at the end of 2014. The courts had objected to Uber’s previous use of unregulated drivers, but to skirt that the firm is now using professionally-licensed drivers with its UberX service.

Unlike taxis, Uber drivers are not authorized to pick up fares on the street, which represent the vast majority of rides. And the firm is aiming smaller this time — only Madrid for now, with a fleet of some 350 vehicles compared to the city’s 15,000 taxis.

Uber says the savings it brings to customers on common routes will be 30% compared to taxis, and up to 40%…

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