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Degree fraud rampant, but under greater scrutiny

by in Asia-Pacific.

Axact's office in Pakistan. (Source: scrolleditorial/flickr)

Axact’s office in Pakistan. (Source: scrolleditorial/flickr)

Myanmar’s parliament approved cabinet nominees for the incoming government on Thursday, and schockingly, fake degrees weren’t an impediment. Two men on the list have bogus schools on their CVs from which they allegedly received doctorates. One, U Kyaw Win, admitted so on Tuesday when confronted by reporters, said he was “ashamed,” and that he won’t call himself “Dr.” anymore. Nevertheless, he was still approved by parliament.

Fake degrees are a rampant problem in certain developing countries. Take India, for example, where an ongoing investigation has found that over 30% of lawyers in the country have fake degrees. (New mandatory academic verification programs are being implemented.)

Indeed, making and selling fake degrees is quite the thriving criminal enterprise. Sometimes it’s relatively small-scale fraud…

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