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U.S. firms fall short in innovation despite high goals

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(Source: Boegh/flickr)

(Source: Boegh/flickr)

A report released by consulting firm Accenture on Monday found that U.S. firms across 12 industries are struggling with innovation, and things appear to be getting worse. The 2015 survey of executives and managers within 500 U.S. companies found that 60% said their firms do not learn from past mistakes, compared to 36% who admitted to this in Accenture’s previous survey in 2012. Likewise, the number of respondents who indicated their firm often misses opportunities to exploit underdeveloped areas or markets increased from 53% to 72%. And the percentage of those who believe their firm is risk averse rose from 46% to 67%.

The findings are not all disheartening, however. On the surface, many firms are taking the right steps. 74% of the firms surveyed have established formal innovation processes, up 12% from 2012. (For example, 63% percent now appoint “chief innovation officers.”) And the firms do well at integrating small-scale innovation into their operations. 90% reported…

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