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Caribbean takes on climate change with startups

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The Caribbean. (Source: caribzone/flickr)

The Caribbean. (Source: caribzone/flickr)

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre (CCIC) is placing its hopes in local startups. CEO Everton Hanson was quoted on Monday by Jamaica Infomation Service: “The purpose of this project is to build an entrepreneurial eco system that will foster growth-oriented entrepreneurs and profitable businesses that address climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

The Caribbean chapter is one of 7 climate innovation centers set up in developing countries around the world under the World Bank’s Climate Technology Program.  The CCIC is jointly managed by the Jamaica-based Scientific Research Council and the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute, which is located in Trinidad and Tobago. The program emphasizes the need for a unified response to developing climate change solutions, and has set up hubs in 12 other Caribbean countries.

According to The Jamaica Information Service, the CCIC model was developed in collaboration…

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