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Technology can drive ASEAN’s future growth

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Source: Multiplay.LYN/flickr

Source: Multiplay.LYN/flickr

Tech giants IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco urged Southeast Asian countries to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) on Monday at the U.S.-ASEAN summit. “The use of the AI technology can help resolve many delivery issues by lowering the cost and being more efficient,” said Malaysian P.M. Najib Razak. “These could include for sectors such as healthcare, traffic management, natural disasters,” he added, but a main obstacle is insufficient STEM education. Najib said Malaysia needs to step up its digital economy and increase the level of commitments, particularly for STEM education.

Technology will play an increasingly important role for the economies of Southeast Asia – if they embrace it quickly, that is. A prime case study is the tech outsourcing industry, which is currently dominated by India and China. As a whole, ASEAN is the third largest outsourcing destination; on a per-country basis, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam are in the top 11.

Management consultant A.T. Kearney’s recently-released 2016 Global Services Location Index report concluded…

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