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Hollywood lobbies for China’s TV and film industry

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China film industry

Seeking to break into the Chinese market. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images/Liu Jin

China’s TV and film industries contributed 100 billion yuan ($15.5 billion) to China’s economy in 2011, supported 909,000 jobs and generated 22 billion yuan in tax revenue — according to a study undertaken by consultancy Oxford Economics for the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the international arm of Hollywood’s leading trade lobby, and the China Film Distributors and Exhibitors Association (CFDEA).

The charts below, published like the report to coincide with the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, break down the details:

Chin screen industries, gross value added China screen industries, employment

By way of comparison, Hollywood generated $10.8 billion last year in U.S. box-office sales alone (vs. $2.7 billion for Chinese domestic box office receipts, though that’s still sufficient for it to surpass Japan as the second largest movie-going market). But foreign filmmakers only get a small slice of that.

Hollywood treated as a big deal a trade agreement struck a year ago that raised China’s quotas on foreign releases from 20 to 34 a year. That Hollywood could make an even bigger contribution to this important industry — 0.2% of GDP, 0.6% if all the indirect economic activity it generates is counted — if only that quota was raised further (and, say, if there were more access to TV channels and better intellectual property protection) is the clear if unstated subtext of the Oxford Economics report.