VIDEO: Security and the internet of things

by in Technology.

The challenges facing the cyber world in terms of security are many and varied. At the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit in 2015, Dr. L. Jean Camp expounded upon the ways in which we have to think differently about current approaches to cyber security. As the internet of things gains speed, she noted that we are going to be interacting with computers that influence our environment, as opposed to the computers we act on now.

That change brings a whole new host of security and privacy issues to the foreground. Camp believes we will see ransomware on cars within the next seven years. Threats like cycling a connected lightbulb quickly so that it explodes or hacking the operating system of one’s car to extract a ransom before that user can access the vehicle are just two examples she provides of what the future might hold.

Governments must focus on “stopping systematic vulnerability before it happens,” says Camp. There have to be minimal security standards in place before we can even contemplate a reality of safety.