Welcome to the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2015

by in World.

Louise Blouin at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2015.

Louise Blouin at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2015.

The Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2015 launches in New York City this week, and continues a tradition of thought leadership that brings together leading figures in the areas of science, technology, culture, business, and politics.

Delegates at the Summit discuss global threats to humanity, as well as opportunities presented by new technology, developing political relationships and issues. As globalization expands on local and global levels, new challenges arise for economic structures, cultures, and humanitarian efforts. Additionally, the creative element plays a role in the development of cultural identity. All of these issues and more are the central theses of the Summit, as Louise Blouin invites leaders to convene to communicate across disciplinary boundaries.

Speaking at the Summit this year, among many distinguished delegates, are William Hoffman, head of Data Driven Initiatives at the World Economic Forum, world-renowned prosthetics engineer Dr. Hugh Herr, Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, and others.

Organized by the Louise Blouin Foundation, the Summit offers a platform for the world’s leadership to present ideas, debate, and disseminate concepts to influence the next year of innovation.

Welcome to the Summit, where leadership, creativity, and innovation meet to contribute to a world of new ideas. Click here for our exclusive coverage.